Jumpa HTML 5 Game

‘Jumpa’ is a an avoider game where the player ascends the platforms and avoids the enemy blocks. As time passes by the player speeds up, making the ascension harder. The player must avoid the enemy by pressing (mouse/touch) either the small jump button (which allows the player to jump over the enemy) or the large jump button (which allows the player to jump up to the next platform). The platforms self destruct after time, so the player must not hang around on the same platform for too long, or the platform destructs and the player falls to their doom!

The players progress is recorded and their best attempt is kept on record. If the player completes the game they are greeted by a ticker tape ending and their best time is displayed. So even if the game is completed, you can still try to beat their best time.


Educational game developed with Phaser
Freelance educational game monkey doh
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